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Posted 10.21.13

Places Editors

We’re Launching a New Site: Places Wire

Places Journal
is pleased to announce the launch of Places Wire, a curated feed of news and commentary on architecture, landscape and urbanism. On the wire, you’ll find a steady stream of stories about the built environment, from big think pieces in The New Yorker and The Guardian, to beat reporting by Streetsblog and Grist, to profiles of new buildings in ArchDaily and maps in Smithsonian Magazine.

Places Wire is a collaboration with Sociative, a Bay Area media-technology company that discovers “The Best of Now” by gathering links shared by influential experts and enthusiasts and distilling them to find the most important and engaging stories. Places Wire will present the “best of now” in urbanism, as selected by Places’ editors and Marilyn Novell, founder of the wire's original incarnation, 100% Built.

Think of the wire as a companion site to Places Journal, where we will continue to publish rigorously edited articles that advance public awareness of the expansive value of design research and practice, with the ultimate goal of promoting sustainable cities, innovative architecture and healthy landscapes.

You can follow Places Wire via Facebook, Twitter or RSS. For tablet users, we recommend adding the feed to an app like Flipboard or Pulse. (We hope you’re already following Places Journal on Facebook and subscribed to our bi-weekly newsletter.) 

Places is supported by a strong network of academic partners, as well as by grants and individual donations. We are a non-profit and always appreciate your financial support, which makes our work possible.